Do you suffer from Tinnitus?

According to the British Society of Audiology, 10% of the UK adult population suffer from tinnitus, some to a debilitating level.

Tinnitus Appointments Available

Combination of Tinnitus Management, Cognitive Tinnitus Therapy, Sound Therapy and Auricular Acupuncture.

Many of our patients in Kilmarnock Hearing Care have told us that they suffer from tinnitus, so Sean has spent the last two years undertaking various tinnitus courses and is now offering a tinnitus management program in Kilmarnock Hearing Care.

These appointments will be a combination of tinnitus management, cognitive tinnitus therapy, sound therapy and auricular acupuncture. They will be 60 minute sessions with the first three free of charge as taster sessions.

These sessions won’t “cure” and they may not work for everyone but they are designed to help people manage their tinnitus and allow them to enjoy their lives to the best of their abilities.

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Although Sean does not suffer from tinnitus, he has used sound therapy for many years to help combat stress and insomnia. He has also recently qualified in auricular acupuncture, which is five acupuncture needles placed in five specific points in the ear.

This Nada 5 point protocol is used for many different conditions, but studies have shown that it can help reduce the volume of tinnitus.

If you would like more information or want to book a session, you can call us on 01563 523 059 or book online.

Sean will call you prior to your appointment to discuss what to expect at your first appointment.