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Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid – until now.

The revolutionary WIDEX MOMENT™ changes the game to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever.

Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly.

And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound.

But now you can hear every moment – like you used to.


Convenience is discreet with Widex Moment

Now you can hear every moment – like you used to. Personalise your listening experience.



Convenience is discreet with WIDEX MOMENT.

Although the mRIC model is the market’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have all the power you need to hear every moment.

No struggling with hearing aid batteries. Just a slim, simple charger that fits your life.

For your Widex rechargeable hearing aids you can use the compact and easy-to-use Widex Standard Charger.

Users prefer the real-life sound of Widex Moment

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