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We work with the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers to provide you with the best and most up to date technology available. We see it as our duty to provide you with best advice for your needs at all times.

Years of counselling experience has taught us that when considering investment in a hearing aid system there are a two of key factors which potential users need to address, namely the style and technology level of the system.

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Recent developments have meant that most hearing losses can be fitted with most styles. In making the final recommendation of style we will be considering and discussing with you the key selection factors:

  • Hearing Loss Degree and Type
  • Cosmetic Preference Hearing Aid Style
  • Physical Comfort Hearing Aids
  • Handling Issues Hearing Aids
  • Your Hearing Aids Budget
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Having decided on the preferred style we would then move to a consideration of technology level. All hearing aid systems are now digital and very flexibly programmable to accurately match overall hearing loss. But there are significant differences in the onboard technological features.

Whilst there are differences in implementation from manufacturer to manufacturer the technological features can be broadly classified as follows:

In most systems the above features are combined and work together in a powerful way for your benefit. This increases as you advance up the technology level and in advising you about this choice we will consider certain factors.

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Hearing loss degree and type

Certain losses are more challenging than others and here we would be looking closely at your ability to process speech in quiet surroundings and in the presence of background noise.
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Your lifestyle

The needs of an active business executive are very different from those of a retiree. They are different but equally important to the individual user so lifestyle is carefully considered.
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Ability with technology

Here we would be looking at the choice between automatic function needing no intervention from the user and a higher level of user control. We would also be considering the use of smart phone apps, blue tooth streaming and other accessories. More about thus following on from this section.
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Your budget

The technology level is the main factor in determining the price. Generally, the higher up the scale you travel the better will be the hearing aid system at coping with difficult listening situations, and the higher will be its price.