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The power of a hearing aid system and its suitability to an individual user’s needs can be greatly enhanced by the addition of apps and accessories.

Rechargeable Option

Does away with the need to change batteries and makes turning the system on and off a lot easier. Rechargeable hearing aids have built-in batteries that a person will have to charge regularly using a charging station or dock.

Remote control streaming app

Connecting the hearing aid system to a smartphone by Bluetooth allows you to hear telephone conversation directly through both hearing aids without having to put the phone to your ear. You will be hearing more clearly than ever and its hands free. An added bonus is an app which turns your smartphone into a remote control.

Television Streamer

Hear sound from your TV directly in both ears. Now you can have the volume at a level comfortable for you without affecting the other listeners in the room.

Real World Assessment

Perhaps because it’s the unknown, or perhaps because the choices seem overwhelming it takes an average of seven years from the realisation of a hearing loss for the individual to take action.

At Kilmarnock Hearing Centre we recognise the difficulty and have tried to ease your path with what we call “Real World Assessment”.