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Moxi Blu Styles

Moxi Blu comes in three different styles, all designed to fit your lifestyle.

Moxi Blu RT is equipped as a Rechargeable hearing aid and also has a built-in T-coil to help you connect to your favourite places that stream movies or concerts via a loop system.

312 traditional battery option for those that are not ready to move into the lithium recharge age. Smallest rechargeable hearing aid that is still packed with all the latest features available. Just like that, out of the Blu, comes a hearing aid that you are sure to fall in love with.

Amazing experiences come out of the Blu

From the party to the picnic, the museum to the amusement park. Moxi Blu hearing instruments can be personalised for each individuals needs.


Personalise your hearing with Unitron Blu.

Blu, the latest platform from Unitron, is designed with today’s digital world in mind

Hearing aids that will keep up with your unique lifestyle. Using Made-For-All technology allows for easy connectivity, so your Moxi Blu hearing aids interact seamlessly with your favourite devices.

Always ready for the big moment, or gentle whisper — or both

Unitron has introduced a Tap Control feature with the Blu which allows you to use a simple tap to control certain things. The tap feature only works with the rechargeable models as they are the only models with motion sensors.

The new Moxi Blu family offers a level of connectivity designed to not only meet your hearing needs, but also deliver on the potential of a fully connected future.