Your Journey To Better Hearing

Hearing tests for under 16’s are classed as pediatrics and have to be done under the NHS.

Your Life, Your World, Your Hearing

We understand that the investment in the solution to a hearing loss is a considered one.

This is especially so for those embarking on the journey to better hearing for the first time.​

It’s an unknown world which you will be approaching with a good deal of emotion; the hope of finding a solution mixed with the fear of not doing so, or worse still finding the wrong solution. That is why on average it takes seven years from the realisation of hearing loss until action to correct it is taken.

Our step by step approach allows you to test and measure these fears and emotions in the real world of hearing care.

Hearing loss typically occurs gradually over time.

First steps involve only a minimal commitment of your time and there is no financial obligation until the end of the process if you arrive at the point where you have overcome fear and uncertainty and have made the logical decision to invest in your better hearing longterm.​

You can of course jump off any of the stepping stones at any stage. You will be under no pressure to continue further than you want to.