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Summer is the season of travel, with many of us packing our bags and heading out.

When traveling by air or road, it is vitally important that we don’t neglect our hearing health while away; after all, poor hearing health can ruin any holiday!

It is a really good idea to get your ears checked out before you head off on holiday so you can stop a problem in its tracks.

There are many ways in which summer travel could impact your hearing health. For example, if you travel by plane, pressure changes (especially during landing and take-off) could lead to temporary hearing difficulties or discomfort. In some cases, it could lead to the development of a condition known as ‘airplane ear.’ Exposure to loud noises when travelling, such as in crowded environments, could also impact your hearing health, leading to the onset of tinnitus and other related conditions.

However, one of the biggest causes of hearing health complaints when travelling is caused by water entering the ear canal. For example, this could occur when swimming in the pool or sea or visiting a water park. While this may not seem like a major issue, when water enters the ear canal, it can lead to infections and inflammation.

Water can get behind even a small amount of ear wax, causing a blockage, which can be made worse with the pressure in an airplane cabin. A quick examination can determine if there is any wax and then an appropriate treatment can be quickly given.

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