We offer a hearing aid rental service

Kilmarnock Hearing Care is introducing a program that will allow Nursing Home patients to rent hearing aids from us.

Exclusively for Nursing Homes only.

Patients will receive a full hearing test in the home and if they want to get hearing aids, they can agree to join our rental program.


A one off deposit of £250 is required then monthly payments of £30 per month will be paid by direct debit which needs to be set up prior to the hearing aid fitting.

The monthly payments are only collected for each month the patient uses the hearing aids.

If they have used them for twelve months, and would like to keep them, a final payment of £170 is required for the patient to keep them. They will still be covered by their two year warranty.  

Hearing aids you can rely on. Since 1955

If at any point the hearing aids are no longer required, they can be handed back to the practice and the monthly payments can be cancelled.

Any hearing aids handed back will be used for our hearing screening projects that we carry out in Kenya.