Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids.

Reimagining what a hearing aid can do.

Activity Tracking Hearing Aids.

The world’s first hearing aid to provide both superior sound quality and the ability to track body and brain health.

Not only does Livio AI sound incredible, but as the world’s first Healthable hearing aid, it enables users to take a proactive approach to their hearing and wellness with brain and body activity tracking, and more. 

And our Mask Mode feature helps make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks.

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Advanced technology for amazing sound quality

Livio AI is unlike any other hearing aid

You’re in control with the Thrive Hearing app

Monitor your body and brain health, personalize and control your hearing experience, and much more.

  • Body Score

    Your body score is the combination of your steps, activity and overall movement.

  • Brain Score

    Measures your hours of daily use, social engagement and time spent actively listening.

  • Thrive Wellness Score

    Combines your body and brain scores to give a snapshot of your health.

  • Hearing Care Anywhere

    Have minor adjustments made remotely, including via video chat, without going to your provider's office.

Thrive Hearing App

Take advantage of our monthly interest free payment plan