Five Steps to Better Hearing

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3 minute online hearing test

Step one is a really simple one and you can complete it in the comfort of your own home. You can us a computer, tablet or smartphone connected to in ear or on ear headphones. ​

It will take you exactly three minutes to complete. ​

Your reward for spending these minutes is a report which will give you a good indication of your hearing ability. ​

This is only a broad indicator and is not a substitute for a full audiometric test.

Hearing loss is when you're unable to partially or completely hear sound in one or both of your ears.

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In Clinic Hearing Assessment

So you have completed the online test which has indicated possible hearing loss, or perhaps you are aware of the loss without even needing to do the test. ​

The next step will take place in our clinic - again there is no financial commitment on your part but you will be investing about an hour of your time. ​​

In return you will receive a comprehensive in clinic hearing assessment including a physical examination of your ear canals and eardrums, hearing threshold testing and speech testing.

All results will be explained to you in clear terms.

Any hearing difficulties you may be experiencing will also be explained relative to your hearing tests.

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Hearing Aid selection for real world assessment

Having completed your in clinic assessment you will now have the option of progressing to a real world assessment. ​

The hearing aids you will be assessing are especially designed so that your hearing aid practitioner can program them to the correct level of technology based on your hearing tests and discussions of your lifestyle and areas of difficulty.

​ The aids will then be fitted to your ears and you will be shown how to insert and remove them and how to replace batteries, or recharge the aids if they are rechargeable.

After our unique evaluation of 5 step testing, you will leave with the answers and a solution that is designed just for.

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Real world assessment

Now you have the great opportunity of taking the chosen hearing aids with you into our real world assessment where you will get to evaluate them in the listening situations of your daily life. ​

Again there is no financial commitment on your part and you will be able to allay many of the doubts and fears you may have had at the start of your journey. ​

During this time your assessment hearing aids are working hard by keeping a log of all the listening situations you are in. This provides great insights for step 5.


Review of real World Experience

Having had the real world experience you return for an in clinic appointment to discuss the results with our hearing care practitioner and for him to hook up to the aids with the computer to analyse your results. ​ ​

Your feedback is very important input to any fine tuning adjustments that may be needed. ​ ​

Also crucial is what the hearing aids data logging can tell - from basic information like how many hours per day you have been using the hearing aids to more detailed analysis of the listening situations you have been in. ​

On completion of this review you may be in a position to make an informed decision either to become a permanent user of hearing aids or to carry on without them. You may also opt for an extension of your real world experience trial.